Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fiber Junkies - Pt 2

We've done this technique many times now and think we are laying it aside for a while. It involves using a blank screen, water soluble markers and an acrylic medium.
Mary is getting her screen ready for printing by drawing or stenciling a design onto a blank silkscreen using water soluble markers such as Caran D'Ache crayons, Pentel Fabricfun pastel dye sticks or Derwent watercolor sticks. There are many more, these are from my stash. There is no drying time.
Next, the screen is laid on top of the fabric. An acrylic medium is poured along the top of the screen (known as the well) and then "squeegeed" over the markings which will release them onto the fabric. Here is Kate getting ready for the next step.  We often use our hopeless pieces to make them into "a thing of beauty"...but often they don't turn into "a joy forever" (little pun there) as I can attest to at this meeting (regarding my own that is).

Susan...top left preparing her screen and Gen working intensly on hers.

We had some good results and some not so good...Mary above left and Kate on right printing their first print. Susan is drawing on a fabric that is wet with acrylic medium and using fabric crayon blocks.

Gen's Chrismas tree which turned out very nice...and mine below which I couldn't get to print at all...a complete flop...so not a great day printing but always the best day with friends.

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  1. I think I posted a comment on Mary's blog that I didn't have great success with this...I did get some good prints using the Gelato's vs the inktense blocks...nice to have in our tool box but not sure I'll do it again. Oh, I used thickened dyes to release with.