Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dyeing Linens

A short time ago, I posted about my ice dyeing adventure ....all in all, it took about a week to get done  what I wanted to get done.  It seems like it would go very quickly but soaking and choosing fabric, labeling it which I do for scarves as I want to have a color reference. It's helpful to know what colors are selling for future dyeing sessions. Then there's preparing the fabric in the tray with ice, sprinkling dye and then nuking it. I let it cool and then dump it in a bucket of cold water...several buckets actually as the excess dye doesn't always come out that quickly. AND THEN THE IRONING....which is time consuming but fun to see the wonderful colors.
A friend of mine gave me some old linen napkins and tablecloths to dye ...a few I kept and most gave back to her...I have so much fabric already and know she'll enjoy these. I have no idea what her color palette is so she got a little bit of everything...
As I dyed each scarf I included a piece of linen in with it.....It was interesting to see the difference in the way the China silk takes color to the way linen does...sometimes very different.
But I'm loving the colors. Each piece has 3 different dyes used on them...
and sometimes some rogue dye particles would wander over to a piece being prepared and voila another little splat of color.
I do this technique which I talked about in my previous post in my studio using a designated microwave. I also use a mask and rubber gloves....seems to be the same as when I go to the grocery store now...Well, I hope you enjoyed the small show and tell. Linen dyes as beautiful as cotton and silk with the Procion MX dyes as you can see...Til next time...


  1. I just love seeing your results....different every time and so beautiful to look at!!!!

  2. Good to see your new creations….miss our group dyeing in happier times!