Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Birthdays and Bugs

Well, we couldn't be at our granddaughter's birthday this year because we are being serious isolators. She had her 2 little besties over and apparently had the best time ever. 
Last year, my daughter arranged for an "animal expert" to come over and teach/show the children various animals and bugs...think we all had the most wonderful time. I never got to post about her birthday and thought I would do so today in honor of her  birthday.

Mr. Bug Man (think he called himself that) was so incredibly patient and made sure he showed each child the animal or bug...even let them hold it if it was appropriate. Even us "big" kids (jan below, the other grannie) loved holding the bugs as did I.

Here is Audrey (left side) with a big lizard type of animal in her lap...petting it gently.
There is a scorpion in top right picture...locked in a glass cage...fun to see but a tad bit creepy also.

I wish I could remember the name of these wonderful animals...well a tortoise on top but below left...I can't recall. He was gentle and I made it a point to hold them all...the kids..braver than myself did also with great enthusiasm.

The day ended with a pinata which all the kids loved. And our little leopard...Bye bye....I had a great day!!

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