Sunday, August 9, 2020

Forest Relfection

Here is a piece I recently made...shortly before the pandemic and motivation was still a part of my life. I've heard from many friends that having extra and isolated time has not made them more is the case with me. I've tried to figure it seems it should be the opposite ...but in the meantime, I struggle along trying to find that spark of enthusiasm within myself to create.
I'ld been thinking about working  in a new that might be more conducive to sales.  I thought a long narrow piece would fit in many decors. I also like working in block format; this one has 4, stacked on top of each other. I started with a deconstructive fabric (light area) that had a needed something more. I thought another printed image on top would work if I fiddled with the print setting. I put the branch image in Photoshop, reduced the opacity and printed on top of the leaf....I think the effect turned out subtle and effective.
On to block #2 which used a commercial print - pretty but needed a little something screen or tulle. I often use tulle as an overlay to tone or soften fabrics underneath. Tulle comes in all colors, runs very wide and is inexpensive. Look for it in sewing stores...not a quilt shop.

When I decide to use a silk screen, I like to do a preview first as the paint sets up quickly and pretty hard to remove once it's on there. When I make a screen, I also screen the image on clear plastic (upper left) so I can lay it over the area to see how it will work....a really good tool in designing. I use Speedball screening ink for fabric which is very thick, great pigment and comes in lots of colors.

Here is the second block in the sequence....
The third block brings in the theme of trees again but also needed something more and different on the block....when in doubt, add some writing is my motto. My go-to are screens I made years ago of my grandmother's writing from one of her hand-written cookbooks. It adds a personal touch and the haphazard structure of writing lends an artistic quality to the look. It really doesn't matter if the words are "1/4 cup sugar or mix together" such as on this's the visual texture you're after.
Moving on down to the 4th block....I wanted something dark and heavier for the bottom block to "ground" the piece. I did have another piece of deconstructive screen printed fabric that worked well.

So here's the piece before sewing and waiting to be tweeked...I did edge the left side and top with dark fabric to finish it off and contain it....


  1. WOW! I love seeing a piece from the beginning to end (or close to end). This is really so cool!!!! I love it...and the screen print of your grandma's that addition to the piece! Like your technique for using tulle! Clever!

  2. What a great, so ‘Judy' piece! How funny that we are both working in a new size concept…..I too an currently constructing a long narrow piece thinking that it’s just the unusual size that might fit in the small spaces so many of us have in our (now open concept layouts without those big walls to display art).