Friday, October 23, 2020

Eco Printing 2 - The Results

So I started with a leaf, watercolor paper - around 140 lb. and applied heat, water and pressure....
and boiled the "leaf sandwich" for an hour....Now for the fun part... to open up the packages and see the results. You literally DO NOT know what's inside...sometimes good and sometimes not. So far in my journey with this technique there are no probably the most unpredictable printing technique I do.
Above, top left to right, Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Rose leaf, Maple, bottom L to R -  Smoke plant, Red Bud and Rose leaf.  I think most were pretty good but the rose leaf remains my favorite.
Above are some examples of printing with a piece of colored tissue paper on top of the leaf. The color leaves the paper easily and transfer to the watercolor paper. In the top row, the middle is a light orange tissue and right is blue tissue. I love the effect and so easy to do.
Blue tissue covering the Red Bud leaf and on right is the Smoke plant.
It's interesting to note that when you layer the leaves and paper, the leaf will touch paper on top and bottom. Sometimes it will print through on the other side (the one not intended for that leaf) You can see this in the lower left print with the Maple and a Maple from the next layer has printed through. You can see the back side faintly underneath the main Maple...makes for some fun results.
The 2 lower right prints above were printed on top of "already printed but not real successful prints" to experiment.
Above is the Smoke leaf plant with blue tissue dye color on top and on right are 2 Maple leaves printed on top of an already printed paper with a Red Bud leaf underneath...interesting.
A Red Bud with a jagged edge and tissue over the top during printing.
I was pleased with this group of prints and think I'm wrapping it up for the season....I have quite a lot to work with....Til next time when I'll share some small projects I made with these prints.


  1. Your prints/results are WONDERFUL!!!! Each one is nicer than the last one!!!! Very good, productive effort!!!