Monday, November 2, 2020

Eco Printing 3 - Results and Art Pieces

The results for this process are always fun to see but not always successful. I do label and keep records of everything in hopes of improving. As I mentioned before, I did both paper (mostly 140 lb.) watercolor paper and fabrics of silk and old linens.

Above is all paper and most of the leaves were successful...I pretty much have it down to what works well but am always willing to try a new leaf. The one in the middle - bottom is a Smoke plant from my friends house...think that's my favorite and of course always the Maple.
About half of these are good and useable but those that are not will be recycled and used again.
And now for the fabric...the silk organza always does well. This particular print had a piece of blue tissue paper placed on top; the color transferred onto the fabric. It was rinsed in the end but not rigorously washed but it will be used in an art piece so I don't plan on washing it.
Silk broadcloth on left and an old, worn linen napkin or tablecloth on right. You can see the tone on tone design if you look carefully behind the eco print. The linens seemed to work very well.
This is a piece of wool felt although I'm not sure if it was 100% was from an old blanket I cut up..a bit smeared I think.
Above on left is silk shantung and on right another piece of old linen (with a Red Bud leaf)
and silk charmesue which did very well.
Paper above which I use to make small pieces of wall are below.
The are small works of art stretched over a 6 x 10" frame and padded with batting. Rusted cotton was used as the substrate. The paper prints are stitched on by machine and some hand stitching along the side and across the front. I used embroidery floss for stitching.
I also like to write Haikus so there was a different one for each piece....The were typed in a fancy font and printed on a piece of muslin. 
I like to finish the backs so I silkscreen an image that is in keeping with the front, staple it down all around and cover it with an upholstery braid. My Eco printing is done for the year and time to look into new ways to do of which is a press. I have to look into this more....Until next time....