Friday, November 6, 2020

S'mores and More

Our last outside gathering of our PTA group met a short while ago in Barbara's driveway

Our masks were very welcomed as it was cold and they added a bit more warmth.

Linda and Lynne at top and right above our hostess Barbara and Dort on right.
Mary with her bag of wonderful show and tell.
Dort is very prolific and has made quilts for everyone in her family. I love the quilt above and the pattern. It's quite simple but so effective and a good way to use scraps...something many of us aspire to do.

The backs are as fun as the fronts.
In the quilt above, I love the border with the little touch of hot pink tucked in between the blocks and the border.
And another wonderful backing.
Lynne did a great job on her latest piece; she loves creating geometric themes. This lovely piece just needs a binding.

Mary continues to do a lot with her large stash of Japanese fabrics...all very lovely.
I really love the quilt featured above. When she finished the background I thought it could be finished as it was interesting in and of itself but then she added the bamboo which is just the icing on the cake...Love it.
And now onto the yummy part....Gary, Barbara's husband made a fire pit which kept us warm during the morning and then....
provided us the means for making S'mores...oh heavenly!
Messy, yummy and absolutely so delicious! A great way to end the day and as it turns out our last PTA meeting until the warm weather comes and we can gather outside....

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  1. I love that you ladies didn't let Covid or cold weather keep you from gathering. As humans we need to be social and we need to see the smiling faces of friends and family. The quilts are all so lovely and quilting is a great way to send love and big hugs to those we want to have near but can't. God bless you all, wish I was there to join in on the fun.
    Connie :)