Friday, June 27, 2014

The Results

I finally got to washing and ironing my deconstructive fabric from last week...That's always the most fun part. With this process, you never know what you'll get. I used silk, mercerized cotton and hand dyes that needed a facelift.
This was my mercerized cotton using nutmeg and a pearl gray...a nice combination...It does show off the patterning in it.
I thought I was onto something, being able to use up my unsuccessful hand dyes. On left is a green fabric and it doesn't show off the printing as it was worth a try but I think working with white is best. On right is a piece of silk...a little pale but will make a nice backdrop for something.
This was another piece of silk
Silk (left) and cotton (right) and think I like that one the best.
Another hand dye...
This was an odd piece of silk I had and was experimenting with a leaf image transfer...just threw it in the mix...Now I'm hoping I can incorporate that leaf into it somehow...a nice pop of color.
The one on the left was cotton ... my other favorite is the silk organza on the right. I tried to work with the same colors so I would have enough pieces to do something with.
Today my little Audrey comes ...for a week...- My granddaughter is 23 months old...I look at the pictures of her as a newborn and hard to believe we've had her for 2 years...We're all set with a kiddy pool, a gallon of bubble stuff, wands, shovels, books...Pirates Booty (a cheese snack, never heard of that one)..It does bring back memories...I am linked to Whoop Whoop Friday...check it out.
Til next time...Judy

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