Monday, June 2, 2014

Unique Restaurant Decor

Last week, we had our guild meeting and we always go for lunch afterwards. It was a beautiful day; the restaurant had outdoor seating, the perfect opportunity to soak up some blue skies and fresh air. As I'm sitting there looking at the beautiful mountain view, I see mattress springs...just hanging.
Wow, this is a unique way of decorating.
Surely, I can do something with a picture of these.
I aimed the camera up high in order to get a lot of sky behind the screens and eliminate other things that might interfere.
I pulled it up in Photoshop Elements and did a few things with the filters. This was "find edges" which I use often when I want to make a silkscreen.
This was "photocopy" which I also like
And this was one of the options in the filter "distort"think this might make a good silkscreen. I leave tomorrow to go to the Quilt Symposium of Alabama where I'll be judging and teaching.
Hopefully I'll have some fun things to report, have a super great week .

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