Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Fiber Junkies - Screening with Fugitive Materials

It's always fun to get together with our Fiber Junkies; this month at Gens. We always start with show and tell...not to get it out of the way but to allow ourselves a longer stretch of time to work in the studio.
We brought our finished samples from the month before where we screened with thickened dyes and used interfacing as a resist. Results were mixed....we all agreed we had some good ones and some not so good but the experimenting was great fun....above is Kates.
Kate also brought a collage she was working on and had put on the back burner. It was lovely what was done up to this point and she is back on track to finish it.
Denny had some nice results. I liked the one in the lower right. Denny is great about reading up on things, experimenting and documenting her results so she's always able to give us more information as to the whys and wherefores.
Susan was not happy with her results so she stenciled over them with Lumiere paint. This "stencil" is a grid with a sticky back that is used in laying tiles. I have the same tape in narrow strips that I found when my house was under construction...it's my favorite "stencil"....so cool....

Gen showed us her results along with some pages from her journal and birthday party.
Today in the studio, we were using fabric friendly and water soluble crayons
The idea was to create an image on a blank screen using one of the marking tools above. Kate is drawing a flower and filling it in with color (left). On the right, she has laid a piece of fabric under the prepared screen. She then takes a squeegee, applys some gel medium (looks clear) to the top and runs it over the entire top of the screen several times.

The color is loosened and transfers to the fabric underneath. Using a gel or acrylic medium makes it permanent. It does leave the fabric a little stiff but also a nice image. Each screen image is good for @ 3 prints
and voila!
Susan and Mary...and Mary's results below.

Well we had our laugh for the day when Susan forgot to put fabric underneath her screen and transferred the image to the towel...a might pretty towel.
I had a nice brick pattern I was working with and was able to get 3 in succession for a long strip of bricks.
A fun day!

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