Sunday, May 26, 2019

Happy Memorial Day

 Happy Memorial Day. It always gives me a thrill to fly our flag on this day and reflect on past Memorial days.
 Growing up as a child in Farmingdale, New York, there was always a parade down Main Street. Every town on Long Island had a Main Street, USA. Our Brownie troop all waited anxiously to see who would get to carry the flag and be in the color guard. My mom was the leader so sometimes it was me and sometimes not....only fair. I'm noticing so many of us in sweaters and jackets on Memorial Day...not so now with 80 degrees predicted.
 My mom is on the far right, we're lined up and waiting to march....and here we go down Main Street passing by McLellans 5 and 10 cent store....remember those. I worked there in high school for several years.

 We are in front of Main Street elementary school waiting for our go ahead...such memories..
 Fast forward @ 30 years and here is my Brownie troop - me on right and co-leader Penny Swant on the left. Fun to see how the uniforms have changed AND scouting to a point but it's still a wonderful organization for young people to be a part of.

And my dad with his navy buddies (1st row left) and all the wonderful, courageous men and women who serve in the armed forces to keep our country safe every day....a huge and very heartfelt thanks to them.
Happy Memorial Day to all...hope it's a safe and wonderful one..

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