Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Snow and Little Studies

Well, I've been in Florida and just got back a couple of days ago to this beautiful Winter Wonderland. I hated to miss the snowfall itself - that part is magical especially if I can squirrel up in my studio with hot tea, a fire in the fireplace and just watch it while I work.
This was a good excuse to stay in my studio and play. There are other things I need to be doing, like getting ready for a conference next week but this was too tempting to let go.
I've been so busy with non-related art stuff, it's hard to get involved with a big project so I thought maybe I'll try some small pieces. It keeps the creative juices alive and will use up some fabrics I've created over the years.
All of these are works in progress; when finished, they will be quilted and matted. I try not to dwell on any one too long and keep the process spontaneous.
For the 2 below, I took a picture of a tree, manipulated it in Photoshop and made it into a silkscreen. I then screened with discharge paste. The size mesh I use with my Thermofax is not as fine as I would like; discharge paste is not very thick and tends to migrate once it's through the screen, making the edges blurry. I was able to doctor it up with a Pigma pen but would like a crisper image.
This one below also used the same screen but I used textile paint which is thicker and will not migrate once it's through the screen. I cut out a sheer silhouette of a tree to layer on top of the screened image.

I do love using the Thermofax. I was told to use plastic frames to hold the screen, but they are expensive and limiting for a variety of sizes. My friend Barbara showed me how to finish the edge using Duck tape. It comes in outrageous colors, so of course I have it in every color - makes the process more fun.
I store them flat in a file folder and do a screen of that particular image on the outside for easy identification.
And voila! - an easy way to store your screens. Stay tuned for more small works and further happenings from the studio on the hill.

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