Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gulf States Quilting Association

The Gulf States Quilting Association has their annual symposium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It's a wonderful event with good vendors, excellent workshops and the most enthusiastic, lovely students on the planet. From an instructors point of view, it runs as smooth as silk and is always a joy to be part of. The second evening is the instructors opportunity to show their work and talk about their upcoming workshops. Ann Johnston showed her beautiful work and the "coming out" of her newest, self-published book - The Quilters Book of Design!
Dorothy Williams created one of my favorite pieces - a jacket made from a vintage tablecloth. I love how she used the patterning in the back pleat.
Wendy Butler Berns showed several of her wonderful quilts but this one really took my fancy! I loved the background - so many different fabrics that seem to melt together to make an interesting and textured backdrop for the tree. This is a close-up of her quilt - a great piece!

One of my workshops was Luscious Landscapes; it incorporates lots of texture techniques to create realistic looking landscapes. Here is one of the gals, busy at work.

And my Dimensional and Off the Edge Applique workshop - way to go Judith, Mary Nell, Joan and CJ.
One night we went to dinner at Mike Andersons, known for its Cajun Food. I ordered "Crawfish - 7 Different Ways" I had never eaten crawfish and it was really quite good, except for the "pulling off the head" part - couldn't, wouldn't do that!

In the evening, time to relax, talk about the day and just have fun - Wendy, Judy, Daphne and Frieda.
It was a wonderful conference - with something for everyone!

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