Saturday, March 28, 2009

PTA Gathering

Yesterday we met at the home of Georgia Bonesteel for our PTA meeting (Piecers, Talkers and Appliquers). We are working on a group project for a house which will display recycled items. Several artforms will be represented. Georgia thought of recycled jeans. Jeans were pieced together, making sure to mix up the colors and also utilize the pockets. A bandana was placed randomly in pockets adding more color to the surface. We added decorative stitching to each block.
One of the worker bees - Barbara -  sewing away.
One of the gals - Cathy had the best socks - just had to include them here!

A close-up of the blocks.  I think it really looks good and I like the touch of red.
Some of the strips which will be sewn together - almost done and looking good!

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  1. Georgia???? Wow - she turned ME on to quilting, back in Knoxville, Tennessee when she had her TV program on the Public station from North Carolina!!! I feel she is a long lost relative!!! I am so envious you had that opportunity to work with her!!!

    What fun you are all having and relatively non-expensive, using what you had. 8-))) What are your plans for the finished piece?