Sunday, March 8, 2009

Making Books with an Artist

Some days are so perfect, it's hard to stop smiling. This was one of those days. I'm a member of LINT (Ladies in New Textiles) - a wonderful and talented group of ladies who meet once a month to share ideas, work on projects, brainstorm, plan shows and just have fun. This month we went to the Grovewood Gallery in back of the Grove Park Hotel in Asheville, NC. Next to the gallery is the entrance to Daniel Essigs studio; Daniel is a book artist who creates art books and book based sculptures. He is also married to one of our members - Vicki (a wonderful weaver and cook extraordinaire!) Upon entering Daniels studio, the first thing we see are some of his amazing works.
A case full of his art books, all sizes and each one so unique with such interesting details, you could pour over them for hours.
This is one of Daniels larger books, displayed on a pedestal.
And one of Daniels sculptures which features a book in the center. How amazing is that! I asked him if he rusted his own nails - no, he buys them like that!

Getting started - the first thing was back to the paper cutter to trim papers. I was fascinated by this cutter, over a hundred years old, never been sharpened and actually used to cut bolts of fabric.
There's a foot mechanism on the floor which releases a piece of wood on top to hold your paper in place - kind of like "rubbing your tummy and patting your head" at the same time.

Daniel helping Suzanne and Sondra - not only is he an amazing artist but an excellent teacher.

It was a perfect day to eat outside, kind of pre-spring weather.  We had lunch amongst the beautiful sculptures.
And cooked by Vicki Essig (to the right of Daniel), did I mention she is a fabulous cook!
And the best part, we all finished our books and learned how to do a neat binding

and the end to a great day - on the way out, we passed the Grovewood Gallery. Even the animal sculptures were friendly
Thank you Daniel and Vicki.

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