Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lilly Fabric

Years ago when my mom was alive and living in North Palm Beach, Florida, one of our favorite things to do was to drive over to Worth Avenue and visit the Lilly Pulitzer store. It carried her line of clothing and HER FABRIC. We couldn't afford her clothing but we always splurged on fabric. These beautiful hand screened fabrics in bright colors were so luscious, I never wanted to cut them - just look and touch (I'm so over that now, I cut everything). But back then, I saved and hoarded my stash of "Lillies". Over the years, Lilly Pulitzer clothes and accessories lost their popularity and my own stash of Lilly fabric worked its way to the bottom of the pile, way back in the closet.  Recent shopping trips have revealed a new resurgence in "Lilly", so searching in my closet uncovered many gorgeous pieces of fabric.
One of the things that always tickled me was how Lilly always put her name on her fabric - part of the design. Sometimes it was obvious and in your face like the print below
and sometimes it was almost hidden. Can you find it below?
I've seen her signature in "zebra stripes", faces of flowers and other places you would never expect
like in the veins of this leaf .
I plan to make some very simple things for summer - skirts, shorts and jackets. It will be a bright summer, I'm thinking.

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