Saturday, May 2, 2009

Outdoor Markets

One of the earliest signs of spring in Asheville, NC is the outdoor markets reappearing in April and staying until December. It's a very happy way to spend a Saturday morning. Lots of people with their dogs, children in strollers, free samples to nibble everywhere. I love going and picking out my treat for the week but also to pour over the beautiful colors and textures of fresh veggies and flowers. The Charlotte Street market is my favorite. I always seem to bump into someone I know and they have my favorite vendor, Annie who makes the most deliciously silky handmade soap.
I love perusing the aisles, taking in the beautiful colors, local activity

and have you ever seen so much asparagus in one place? This is one of my favorite vegetables - had to bring some home.

I loved this booth with so many different greens, creams and red and such wonderful textures. I also love the old fashioned calico cloths to display the veggies. It looks like something out of the Andy Griffith show - remember that (or am I dating myself)?
And you just never know when you'll run into an Angel!
One more stop before going home and WOW - what color. It made me want to run home, pull out all my brightly colored fabrics and start a new quilt.
You can't beat Mother Nature! Hope you had a great Saturday.

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