Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Asheville Quilt Show 2010

The Asheville Quilt Guild held its annual show at the NC Arboretum in Asheville this past weekend. As always, it was a lovely show and made even nicer by the beautiful surroundings of the NC Arboretum. An attendee to the show not only sees the quilt show but can take advantage of the beautiful, extensive gardens including one of the largest Bonsai exhibits, other arboretum exhibits, gift shops and quilt show vendors. All in all it's a full and wonderful day! One of the most fun quilts at the show was the one made for the 75th anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway to hang in the new headquarters in Asheville, NC. A number of well known local fiber artists were asked to make blocks depicting their favorite thing about the parkway. Following are some highlights of the Blue Ridge Parkway quilt.

There were many wonderful quilts to see, here are just a few. I didn't get the names of the quilts but did get the artist. Judy Heyward created this wonderful quilt, up close - it's an amazing piece of work. The gold background is quilted with stitches so close together, hard to believe. I know Judy won several well deserved awards including machine quilting. Congratulations Judy!
This next quilt by Christine Regina was one of my favorites at the Shady Ladies annual quilt show in June. It utilizes lots and lots of polka dots, beautifully done and just brings a smile to your face.
My friend Eve Agee who is a master at machine embroidery did this next lovely piece - everything you see is machine embroidered!
I've always loved the pink and green combination and when I learned it was my quilting buddy Trish Gabriel that did this, I was even more excited! Trish does big quilts. This one is really big and beautifully done and wonderful color/fabric choices.
Veronica Von Zwehl did this next piece. Veronica does all the birch trees I've featured on my blog and also a member of the very talented group - Shady Ladies. Veronica makes beads out of fabric which are the little narrow vessels on the quilt; there's lots of dimension as well as great color.
I love Gingko leaves and this next piece was beautiful by artist Terry Williams - great color and stitching on the piece.
I really liked this next piece by Elizabeth Allen. I often work in neutrals so this appealed to me.
Jane Cole another favorite artist of mine, did this wonderful piece which captured a second place in the small pieced catagory.
This next piece by Carrie Hedstrom won one of the Judges Choice awards, it was wonderful - beautiful color and love the border. I'm honored to say, I won the other Judges Choice award.
And Ta-Da, this was the best of show - a miniature by Mary Kay Mouton, exquisitely done and nice to see something small take it all!

Patty Ashworth did this interesting piece.
And another Ta-Da - this last piece by a new "star is born" Sadie Bowen" This precious little girl is the granddaughter of Wendy Bowen who is wonderful in her own right. Wendy's been teaching Sadie who's only 10 years old. We all think Wendy's "done a good job". Sadie has very definite ideas about where she wants to go with her quilts, does all the sewing and designing herself. Better keep an eye out for her. She's precious, adorable, and really, really good.

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