Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fiber Arts Alliance

I can't believe another month has come and gone and another Fiber Arts Alliance meeting. Every month, I see new faces and find the room has shrunk just a tad because of more bodies present. This group started @ 5 years ago, no officers, no dues - just like-minded people getting together to talk "fiber". We still have no officers, no dues, but many more like-minded people talking fiber - and it works. It's a joy to be part of such a lovely group of women who value their work and each other. We started our "Show and Tell" with an "infomercial about an upcoming Project Runway type fashion show called Rags to Riches. It got us laughing and very enthused. Anything goes with this!

It's a design an outfit - the more ridiculous and silly the better, come and flaunt it. All the proceeds support the Non-Denominational program for Eldercare and Children.

Next we worked our way around the room starting with Dot who does the most beautiful felting. Well another funny story. Previously, I emailed the group to request they bring any worn out pantyhose which I use in dyeing silk. Dot brought me a large bag of "legs" - no tops to the legs, just the legs! Well, Dot what happened to the tops; Dot explained that in the felting process, she molds the fibers around a ball and then uses the tops to contain it for felting. This is one of Dot's vessels - it is beautiful!

Gen brought a lot of handbags which she made. My favorite was this one - blue and yellow with piping.
This gal brought a beautifully tailored jacket she had made. I was a sewer before I was a quilter and my mouth hung open upon seeing this - bound buttonholes and welted pockets all perfectly done!
I loved this next springtime piece and the pretty colors and of course Hydrangeas. I also loved the checkerboard background.

Veronica brought her latest "tree" quilt. She said when in doubt, she'll work with trees - a kindred spirit. I love this piece, the Birch trees against a brightly colored backdrop.The stitching is wonderful.

This next piece was a small encaustic painting which is painting with wax. It has an interesting, subtle look.
More to come

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  1. Our local fiber arts group has grown from about 5 to 50 in 11 years. We now have dues and structure and have had all sorts of conflict! Hope your group survives its growth spurt intact and fun!!