Friday, August 13, 2010

"I Spy" is done

My new little "great-nephew" is almost 2 months old and I finally finished his quilt. I just put the finishing touches on the binding and label, my most unfavorite part - but it's DONE and ready to send off to its new home in Florida. It will be a while before Max can drag it around, find things on it and just have it be his "binky". I know he'll enjoy it; little ones love bright colors and "I Spy" things to find.
I held off quilting until after Max was born. I like to stitch the name in the quilting with little sayings like this one - Max is swell
or this one - "We love Max".
"Max is cute".
"Max is cool" is probably pushing it for a baby but I know he'll be very cool some day! I use very short descriptive words so they'll fit in the space and always hope for a short baby name - Max - now that's perfect. I also send a "list" of quilt phrases stitched in the quilt for mommies and daddies to find. It's called "Find the phrases" - 22 in this quilt and if they find them all, they get BIG kisses from Max!
Welcome to the World Max, and Until next time.

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