Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deconstructed Screenprinting meets the Ink Jet

I've been working on small pieces using a lot of the fabric I made using the Deconstructive Screenprinting technique - it's been great fun although very challenging as the fabric can be very busy. I'm finding that using fabrics from the same set/screen such as the 2 below do well together.

This fabric which will be split and used on the sides of the piece.
I felt it needed more depth so I turned to my favorite subject and screens - trees. I took the picture below which was made into a silkscreen and one I use ALL the time.
I also loved this next picture I took on a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I manipulated it in Photoshop to make it lighter and more sepia colored.
It was an mysteriously foggy day.  I love the way the tree in the foreground is so bold and the one right behind it very hazy. I was tempted to make this into a silkscreen but didn't know if I would lose that effect. I decided to print this photo on top of my deconstructive fabric to give it a more layered effect. I only had that one piece of fabric so I was nervous I would mess up.
But it worked and I really like the effect. I also screened the other trees along the side strips to give a little more interest to that area but didn't like the symmetry. What to do - once it's screened on, it's on for good.....sooo...I took off the strip on the left and reversed it - a little more work but I know it would eat away at me if I didn't change it.
But I'm glad I did, as I like it so much better. I also like the trees going upside down.
So here is the finished piece - "Small Works - November". My son named it as he thought it looked like the fall.
The screened trees on the bottom right were done half in black/brown paint (on right side) and the left side with a discharge paste for an interesting effect.
I machine quilted the outline of the trees using a monofilament as I didn't want to add any further color.
So it's done, on to the next set of prints - Fun!


  1. Wat een prachtige prints,ik zie de bomen in het bos!

  2. Judy.....I can't wait to see this in person.....wonderful! It's helping to provide inspiration my deconstructed pieces!