Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Silkscreens

I'm glad I picked so many flowers/weeds during the warmer months; I brought them home and scanned them into my computer. They're turning into some nice silkscreens and getting me into the "Spring" spirit.
I love Queen Anne Lace, especially the underneath side.
All photos were manipulated in Photoshop Elements first, to get it to this point. See previous post for details. Here are some of the screens I made from the image.
The underside of this wonderful weed is far more interesting than the top...
and made into a great screen.
I like this underside even more than the previous one as it's more cropped.
More lace tops....
into a screen.

I think I'm all set with lace screens.
 A couple of years ago, while visiting my daughter, I photographed this wonderful old chair in her neighbors yard. The neighbor moved shortly afterwards so I'm glad I had my camera that day. It's not often you see these wonderful metal chairs - brings back lots of memories.
I made it into a silkscreen.
And a detail of the seat provided texture for a screen.
My friend Barbara has a lovely garden with the most wonderful poppies, which I was able to photograph.
I manipulated the photo in Photoshop.
Since it was such a busy background, I cut the poppies apart and re-assembled them to make this Poppy screen.
And cornsilk from fresh corn on the cob - scanned during corn season. It was a messy job cleaning my scanner afterwards, but I love the screen and think it was worth it.
Some cool textures - anxious to try them out!

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  1. These are terrific! I've got to figure out how to adjust my photos for that.