Friday, February 25, 2011

And it all started with....

I had taken this picture a while back and brought it to be copied on a lazer copier; I hit some button that created this effect, which I love but don't remember how I did it.  I thought I would use it in my tree series.
I then found this next piece of fabric which I monoprinted and thought the colors would work well together.
In looking through my stash, I came upon this rice bag I purchased while on a trip to Japan many years ago. This is the original bag which I Indigo dyed some years back. I love the "mending" stitches (on right). The bags are traditionally beige colored and used in the rice fields for collecting rice.
The 2 pieces worked well together.
I love "faces" so when I came upon this in my stash, I thought .....hmmmmm..... perhaps it will work. The face is a drawing my son did and is printed on silk organza - might make a nice overlay
on this fabric with writing screened on top
and trees.
I like layering and this might work but I think it needs a little toning down.
So more layering and a good solution - go to a home improvement store for some screening!
Perfect for overlays and toning things down.
So here's the combination of fabrics so far.
I found this other sheer printed with a "half" of a tree, just begging to be used.
I thought it might work as an overlay on the original photo of trees (far left). I like it - it's subtle.
And the finished piece - "Trees I - Winter"
I'm having great fun working in this series of trees. Before they all leaf out, I'll be heading out to the Blue Ridge Parkway to take more photographs.
Til next time

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