Sunday, February 20, 2011

Handy Hubby

My husband John has always been very handy and creative. He was an art major in college so I guess that makes sense. Lucky for me, he loves to make furniture. He has always worked in hardwoods, but this time around I had a different request - to make a new piece and then age it to look really old. I think he nailed it.
He used a softer wood making it easy to distress, painted it (blue undercoat, white overcoat)and then put crackle on it which proved to be a bit overwhelming. He covered some of the crackle with paint, let it dry and then power sanded it to reveal the underneath layers.
Then topped with a glaze.
It's in a bathroom with beadboard. I think I'm going to paint the walls above the beadboard the same blue as the undercoat. And now for some hydrangeas on top or maybe some candles.
Isn't he the best!

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