Friday, October 14, 2011

John Campbell Projects

We had a wonderful class at John Campbell including one male student - Dan who did beautiful work and is destined to be an art quilter. The man in the middle - dressed as Christopher Columbus was David - who gave massages - you know the deal - a dollar a minute and worth every penny. He was very good and also very funny - he did his best work dressed in something unusual. He couldn't find his "tu-tu" so Christopher had to do. Behind the students are some of the beautiful quilts made by them this past week. 
The quilt studio at JCC is very large and the class size is kept to 12 people or less.
Plenty of room to walk around and everyone has their own design wall.
This next piece was made by Mary Jane - 78 years old and still loves to make quilts.

Mary Waterman made the same quilt, different colors. They were hanging side by side and fun to see the same pattern made up in 2 different kinds of fabrics and color.

We had a young woman in class - Aino Riiho who was from Finland and married to a man from this area. She is studying to be an arts and crafts teacher in Finland; quilting was the one area that wasn't covered in her course of studies and this was her first attempt at quilting. She first learned the basics of half square triangles and made a heart quilt for her baby due in February. From the beginning I knew she loved art quilts, she designed and made this incredible piece (below) - her second quilt and all in the course of 5 days!  Keep an eye out for her - She is a wonderful artist!
It was amazing to see how much one could accomplish in a mere 5 days.

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