Wednesday, October 19, 2011


While at John Campbell a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take photos of some wonderful textures. Often my pictures are of odd things, not your typical photo. Most times I haven't a clue where I'll use them, but eventually they do wind up somewhere. I have a good friend who is very creative, takes lots of pictures, especially likes the perspective of things on the ground. Someone asked her once, why she kept looking at her feet - not realizing, that that was her favorite place for subject matter. This beautiful barn was covered with fall foliage. I love the old weathered wood...

and lime green leaves
and this wonderful old plank of wood with nails sticking out.
The forest which provides a shortcut between buildings had some wonderful lights and shadows My love of trees pulled me in.
I also love old, weather-worn windows and doors. They are so interesting with lots of texture.

I'm working on some small studies right now using old windows and trees; this will probably wind up in one of them.

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