Tuesday, October 11, 2011

John Campbell

This past week, I had the great fun of assisting my long time friend Sandy Bonsib at the John C Campbell Folk School. At JCC, when your class fills you qualify for an assistant and Sandy asked if I would come - a great chance to visit with a friend I don't get to see very often. So I was packed, off and running! The week that Sandy taught followed the Fall Festival weekend - the biggest event of the year which draws thousands of people. I had to be there on Sunday which provided a great opportunity to see what it was all about. It was perfect weather, lots of wonderful crafts for sale, music, animals - something for everyone.
The huge barn has music going on throughout the day and lots of bails of hay to sit on.
All the banners hanging throughout the barn have been made by various fiber artists.
I came upon this booth which was soooo "sixties".
And these beautiful Alpacas were my favorite. What a wonderful face!!!
All the studios on campus had demos going on. This is the weaving studio which is also connected to the quilting studio where I was working all week.
So of course, I wandered over to see what was up and was surpised by this beautiful quilt exhibit going on...made up of quilts by instructors of JCC. I loved this piece by Elsie Campbell as I love the pieced background with appliques on top - so subtle and effective.

Karen Reese Tunnell is a wonderful marbler and does the most amazing things with the fabric she creates like this kaleidoscope quilt - "Nouveau Fractals" below
and "Maternalis" where Karen will create the marbled fabric and add further imagery on top. Karen will be teaching marbling at John Campbell this coming January. I'm already signed up and can hardly wait.
Marilyn Walls beautiful "mother and child" is based on a photograph she took while on vacation. She was so touched by the love this woman felt for her child, she felt she had to capture it in fabric. I think she nailed it!
It was a great day which was only the beginning of a great week. Please join me again for the further adventures, pictures and crazy goings on.

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