Monday, October 24, 2011

Where are we???

In the fall, my husband and I make a lot of day trips to view the pretty leaves and enjoy the cooler days of the season. We had never been to Bristol which is in both Tennessee and Virginia. It is a lovely town and the trees just beginning to turn. While in a store, we asked if we were in Tennessee. The lady promptly replied, No, you're in Virginia, if you want Tennessee - just cross the street.

It seems the yellow line down the middle of the road divides the 2 states, sooooo being a typical tourist, we had to take a picture. Cars were very patient, probably thinking here we go again - another tourist having to take a picture with their feet in both states! Yup, we did. And my poor husband, the things I make him do, but he's a good sport and so were all the Virginia and Tennessee drivers waiting patiently for him to move. The stores on one side wave the Virginia flag and the other side have Tennessee flags.
We also visited a charming little town - Abingdon totally in Virginia with a very old tavern. We wanted to have lunch there but they only serve dinner so looks like we'll be making a trip back.
I loved the roof completely covered in moss.

We came upon a very old house called the "Crooked Cabin".
Wonder if you fall out of bed while staying here?
A fun day - I love the fall!

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  1. Bristol......of course the one I know is in TN.......where the NASCAR race track is.