Monday, November 21, 2011


My friend Sandy has a darling grandson who is in love with airplanes, so her being a quilter - guess what he's getting for Christmas? You guessed it - an airplane quilt.  He can't get enough of them     and only 2 years old. I personally see airplanes in his future.  Sandy showed me this really cute fabric with airplanes on it
 with a patchwork of grays and neutrals.
 It's adorable I thought but it needed a BIG RED AIRPLANE.  Well, Sandy is a fabulous piecer but doesn't do applique. I don't piece but I can applique.  So I took the fabric home to see if we could add a big red plane.  And another thing - I don't draw, not one single bit, so first thing was to find an image of a plane.  The internet has lots of copyrite free images as well as the Dover coloring books. Here is one of the planes I found and thought would work.  I enlarged it quite a bit and placed it on the fabric to see the size and position. I wanted the plane to look like it was flying into the quilt.
 I had red fabric from Sandy which will also be used in the border.  The headlights are silver tissue lame backed with a fusible web for strength.
 I shaded the wings with Shiva oil sticks and stitching.
 And here it is finished - just needs the border and it will be done for Christmas.
I think little Maceo will like it!