Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trees and Trucks

The weekend after Thanksgiving is usually the time we make our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm in Pineola, NC around and hour and a half north of us.  It's a beautiful ride and lots of farms to choose from.  The prices are great and you know the tree is fresh.  We always hope for a wintery looking day that's not too cold but gives you the Christmas spirit.  This past Sunday was just that kind of day, gray skies but fairly mild and great to be outside. The Twin Pines is our favorite place, guess because we started here and have had good luck finding the "perfect" tree. They all look perfect in my estimation and it's hard to choose.
 It's just such fun walking through this beautiful forest of trees and right away we find one.  Last year we tagged trees we wanted to revisit with the orange streamer tape from home improvement stores. EVERYONE had the same idea, so this year we switched to red ribbon and seems like there were a lot of red ribbons when we got here - Another EVERYONE had the same idea moment.
 In every direction, you see trees.  So this is the one we picked, hope we wound up with one of "our red ribbon" trees. We'll love it anyway.
 So tied to the car and the sun roof open (glass closed) so we can watch on our trip home, we are ready set to go.
 And on the way home, an added bonus, I came upon this old rusty truck - how cool is this. I will add it to my rusty tractor, tires and other Americana photos. These trucks always appear to have "faces" and this has a great one - can't wait to print it on fabric.
A good day!

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