Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Small Works - Windows 1

I haven't had too much studio time, that time of year when things are crazy. I've taken to doing small pieces when I get a chance; at least I keep my fingers in my art and my mind on a creative track. I have a series called Small Works - small quilts that aren't matted or framed, just small. They're fun to do; I get to use up fabric, try new techniques and best of all feel like I'm creating something with an end in sight. I love using my own photography as it's mine and copyrite free! I took this picture years ago in Old San Juan; I loved the aging walls and colors. I transferred this photo to fabric using an acrylic medium, giving it an aged look.
I have bins and bins of scraps, sometimes I'll dump them out on the floor and just fish through. I find some great treasures. I found these fabrics to frame my window.
They definitely needed more "zing" so using my silkscreen of a tree
I screened part of the image on one piece of fabric,
and the other part of the screen on the corresponding side. I also screened some discharge paste through a "recipe" screen on the light green area. I love using things from my family in my work. This is a screen of one of my grandmother's recipes written in her handwriting.
The top piece of fabric needed something so I screened discharge paste through one of my favorite "tree" screens, I like the way it turned out.
Almost there - a little quilting;  I'm most interested in the imagery and don't want to detract from that.
So here is the finished piece. I was working on this while at John Campbell last month and one of the students bought it so it has found a new home and I know a good one!

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