Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Small Works - Trees I"

I've been working on some small pieces. I truly love doing them as they go fast and I get the chance to try out new techniques and USE UP FABRIC. Okay, I admit not a whole lot of fabric but a small step in the right direction. This is the finished piece.

I used some hand dyed fabric for the sides.
Added some deconstructive screenprinted fabric on the top
and bottom. I love using couching thread such as Candlelight by YLI to sew on top between the 2 fabrics. You can see the thin black line which is the couching thread. It gives it a little definition as well as a tiny bit of sparkle. Candlelight is metallic, very soft and easy to use. By soft, I mean it lays well on the surface and doesn't interfere with the way a fabric handles.
I used 2 layers of fabric here - the background fabric which was dyed and screened with an image of trees. Next I placed an overlay of silk organza with trees screened in black on top to give the feeling of distance in the piece.
And here's the finished piece once again.
It will be for sale in my online gallery. Click on the link on the right to take you to the gallery.

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