Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beware of Throw Pillows

I'm sure you've heard stories like this -  you're in a store and pass by some beautiful throw pillows, love them, can't live without them so you buy them and bring them home but now the couch conflicts with them so you need a new couch.  The new couch doesn't go with the rug and now the new rug doesn't go with the drapes and so on and so on.
On a much smaller scale this is my version and of course it involves fabric.  I bought this wonderful fabric which I thought would be perfect for Christmas napkins.  Can you see the sparkly background? I love sparkly things at Christmas.  
 So now I have these wonderful new Christmas napkins that actually go with my plates.
 But now I need some silver chargers to sparkle it up (and go with the sparkly napkins).
 But my centerpiece and table runner doesn't go, too much gold sooooo
 I get a new table runner (notice the sparkly beads)
 And make a new centerpiece using blue and silver and sparklies.
 And now I have a lot of flowers etc. left over, no need to let them go to waste so I make a small arrangement.
 Which then doesn't go with the gold candle so a white one will work
 Yes, now that's good.
So my advice for the day - next time you're shopping and see some gorgeous throw pillows or anything else you can't live without, Just CLOSE your eyes, TAKE a deep breath and WALK ON BY!

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