Thursday, December 29, 2011

How Cute is This?

Back in October, I had the great fun of being an assistant to my good friend Sandy Bonsib - she was teaching her week long course on piecing. One of the students - Dina was a repeat student and always takes Sandy's class.  Her husband Joe comes along and takes something he likes.  He's real good with wood and so this year it was woodcarving. The woodcarving class was amazing; the things we saw these guys do were so clever and creative.  To my great surprise the other day, I got an interesting package in the mail - a gift from Joe and Dina.  Joe used an old spool, remember the wooden spools that thread used to come on?
To carve this - How wonderful is this, carved and hand painted. I think this will have to stay in my studio all year, where I keep my favorite things - usually hand made by friends I love.  This will be among my treasures!
Thank you Dina and Joe - I LOVE it!

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