Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions, Uncooperative Cats and Happy New Year

I've given up on New Years Resolutions - new diets - new exercise programs, it's just not gonna happen. But I'm always striving for more studio time and that is the 1 resolution I'm going to focus on. I also like to choose a book and  work through it during the year - trying new techniques. The last several years it's been on image transfers - something I'm passionate about and will probably explore further this year.  I've also loved working with sheers and layering - another technique I'll explore.  I buy sheers wherever I see them, often in a Home Decor department of a fabric store.  Printed sheers can be painted over with Set a Silk or Dye na Flow paint.  The paint has the consistency of water and is fairly transparent so the original design will show through. The sheer below would be a good candidate for painting on top of.
 The sheer on the left is the one I'm working with now, on the right is a piece of silk organza I painted with Dye na Flow paint.
 Below - the one on the left is purchased, on the right painted.
 I love the floral sheer although it may be too busy to incorporate into something.  I also stamp on sheers, like the one on the lower right.
 Here is a close-up of the sheer I'm working with, it's busy but there are lots of "calm" areas to work with.
 I started with a picture of a rock, transferred it to fabric using an acrylic medium and then silk screened a tree on top.
 I then silkscreened a tree (the mirror image of the first one) on top of the sheer (below).
 And laid the sheer on top of the first piece of fabric. This will be a small piece but I'm liking the effect.  The white fabric area beyond the original transfer is interesting with the sheer on top. I was going to cut it off but think it adds something to the piece. I have a few more pieces of fabric to add and then it will be finished - will keep you posted.
 On another note, I tried to dress Molly in a Happy New Year diaper and hat but she outright refused....but she does want to wish you a Happy New Year and hopes you find lots of catnip under your pillow!
I also want to wish you all a wonderful New Year - one that's filled with many blessings, the love of family, good creating time and plenty of time to "just smell the roses".  Thank you for hanging in there with me. I love and appreciate your comments and also knowing I have so many nice friends out there.


  1. Thanks for a GREAT post.
    I have a large collection of sheers purchashed to use with my needle felting machine.
    You've given me a whole new outlook on using some of them.

  2. Happy New Year Judy and Molly - do not wear anything you don't feel good in this year!!