Monday, November 12, 2012


We had our PTA meeting last week at Gen's house, always fun and full of ideas. There's lots of talking and laughing amongst us, hard to hear it all. On the ride home, we usually get filled in on what we missed.  Mary B created her very colorful sneakers with markers - Clever!
 Linda Cantrell has been working on her version of memorable moments in history. They're all accurate; Linda did her research, only one part which is questionable. Every event features a Boston Terrier in it hmmmmmmm. Now Linda owns 5 of these cute little doggies and maybe they convinced her they needed to be part of the story. Below is the first Model T and Amelia Earhart with her dog.
 The Boston marathon and the story of the first woman to ever run in it; notice the dog ahead of her.
 And Woodstock, one of my favorites.
 Done in album form, you can see every block on Linda's Facebook page. Just when I think she can't possibly come up with another fabulous idea, she does!
 Mary S. showed us her beautiful beaded felt piece.  Mary created all the felt herself as well as dyeing it before starting in on the beading.
 And this next piece using deconstructive screenprinted fabric which is very hard to work with.  Mary did a wonderful job putting her twist on it. The leaves are beaded and really lovely up close.
 Kate W is on a mission to finish all her UFOs and she's made quite a dent in her stack.  I love this piece below; she draw a design on fabric and filled it in with crayons, thought that was interesting and very effective with the shading.
A fun day.

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