Saturday, November 3, 2012

When is a library not a library?

There hasn't been too many fiber related things going on around here with all my reunions and trips. 
I've had 2 reunions in New York 2 weeks apart. It was a whirlwind of fun and emotion.  My first reunion was high school.  Hubby stayed behind while I flew up to La Guardia, rented a car and proceeded to drive out to Long Island on a friday afternoon during rush hour!  What was I thinking? It was one scary trip. I forgot that New Yorkers don't let you switch lanes and they like to honk their horn a lot....sooooo, I wasn't able to go exactly the way I wanted. My GPS kept "recalculating" and at one point, I really wanted to throw it out the window at one of the honkers. Okay, I've vented and it was a wonderful weekend despite the trip on friday.  One of the things we did was to walk through our old town of Farmingdale, NY.  It was beautiful and not one building the same, well except for the bank and the library.  They are the cornerstones of the town, standing on each corner, almost identical and the architecture amazing. The bank had been turned into law offices and the library
 well - a cafe, now called the Library Cafe.  They kept a lot of the original woodwork which I love.
 They also kept the upstairs balcony area which was always featured that way - only filled with books. It still has the same old rickety stairs going up to the top.
 They did add a carousel horse, another thing I love.
 And a view from the balcony area where we ate.  It thrills me to see old towns that keep their original buildings intact - especially ones as beautiful as here. A bit of refurbishing can add so much charm and sometimes make it even better. More important, we can revisit our past and relive some of the happy memories that took place there.
 Reunions are wonderful; they give you permission to be a kid again and reunite with wonderful friends.  To my left, my best bud Val from 5th grade and on the right my best bud Audrey from 2nd grade.  We were also in Brownies together - what a great night!

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