Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sorority Reunion

    It's been close to 3 weeks since I returned home from a second trip to New York, this last time for my sorority reunion.  My sorority - Alpha Sigma Beta, used to be Alpha Sigma Alpha which is a national sorority.  In the 50's, New York ruled that there were to be no national fraternities throughout the university system, and we became AEB.
    A few years back, one of the gals from the class of 61, decided to try and find as many sisters as she could to form a directory. One thing led to another and then a committee and after 2 years of hard work and fun, Joan was able to track down over 700 sisters over the course of 40+ years.  This led to another thought - to have a reunion and invite everyone.  The reunion was scheduled for the same time as Homecoming weekend. After such a long time, she expected max to be @ 50. To her surprise, 125 sisters came in from all over the US - all ages - all classes. Many of us didn't know each other but had the common link of sisterhood.  We took over the Hampton Inn - all 4 floors who joined in our excitement and joy as though they were part of our group.
We were greeted with signs and flowers in the Alpha Sig mug and I still have my mug (filled with pencils).
Lots of activities on campus but we were excited to go back to our dorms.
My first room in dormitory life.
I was a resident advisor (RA) during my sophomore and junior year so I spent 3 years in this dorm. As an RA, you had to keep your room spotless and open at all times; this was my room now occupied by a guy.  Yup, the dorms are co-ed.  Things have changed! But actually, he's quite neat and so nice to let us in.
This was my best buddy (on right) in freshman year; we lived across the hall from each other.  It was great to see Helene after so many years.
Friday night was the cocktail party. Seven from my class came in; we didn't want to leave each other's side for a moment, so much to catch up on.
Next day, we toured town, mainly to see our old sorority house.
That night was a wonderful dinner. We were all to wear red which was the sorority's colors. Some even had glitz.
It was a "sea of red" wherever you looked....
The tables were beautiful; this was my class below.
Afterwards, it was back to the Hampton Inn. We were aware of the policy of No wine in the lobby, but they shut their eyes and let us party-on, They were great!
The bricks around campus were beautiful.
We were to leave on Monday (hubby and I) but left on Sunday morning. The reunion was over by then but we also needed to be one step ahead of Hurricane Sandy which we barely were.
It was a weekend that will stay with me forever. There is nothing like reconnecting with old friends and going back in time if only for a weekend.


  1. We tried to get a group from our class of our ASA chapter together this summer but it didn't work. Maybe we'll make it work in FL as I just found out my first room mate lives less than 1/2 hour from me here!
    Your sorority step sister!

    1. Kay, I hope it works out...It was such a magical time being able to relive those memories with old friends. I can't believe you have your first roomie living 1/2 hour away....sounds like fate and a reunion waiting to happen!