Friday, December 21, 2012

And the stockings were hung.....

As is so true with the holidays, there's never enough studio time.  This year I've barely set foot in mine, but I did get to sew a little when making my granddaughter's quilt and stocking.  I know I shared the progress on the quilt with you and just yesterday finished her stocking. I'm happy with the way the quilt turned out, not as soft and cuddly as I would have liked but bright and colorful which babies love.  My friend Dort made a quilt for her new granddaughter and backed it with fleece - what a great idea. That will be my next one. I had limited pieces of fabric for binding so did each side different which I like better anyway. It's hard to see in the picture.
 My daughter wanted funky, non-traditional colors for a stocking, so this is variations on red and green, cute for a little girl.
 I wound up not using the very dark one on the end and the pink with dark flowers that went with it; it was just too strong with the other fabrics.  As always, everything I think will take a couple of hours takes longer - waayyy longer.  My friend always told me this rule - whatever you think it will take double it and add 3 hours" that's about right!
 My husband said to make it really big so we can fit lots in it, think the baby could fit in this one!
 The letters were fused and then stitched with invisible thread along with the addition of "baby rick rack" which is one of my favorite things....
I also did a "hem" stitch using my BERNINA and Lana thread which is part acrylic and part wool and has a strong presence on the surface.  I like the fact you can use it on the top of your machine but also need a large eyed needle like a topstitch # 16.  It's such a pretty effect.
My company is coming tomorrow and lots to do. Have a great day. It's cold and blustery here today with chances of snow showers...brrrrrrrr......

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  1. What great projects.....and inspired red and green color perfect for a little girl.

    It's offically a white Christmas on our mountain....horizontal snow blowing covering a layer of ice on our roads. Santa's sleigh can land anywhere up here!