Monday, December 3, 2012

Pink Heads

Our holiday fair was this past weekend at the Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC. It was a sea of people, controlled chaos and LOTS of fun! The day before while setting up, we met Maud (on left) whom I recognized from a word press class I recently took, I remembered her "pink ponytail". Janice and I both decided we wanted a pink streak for the fair. The next day (and morning of the fair) we found a can of pink spray on our table....hmmmm....we have 30 minutes before the fair opens so out in the back we went.
 Maud's helper covered our head with paper for protection for hair not being "pinked" and began to spray away.
 Janice and I below with our new "do's"
 It was great fun and since the 4 of us were next to each other and Maud having a corner spot, we called ourselves - The Pink Corner.
 The fair was a great success and we were kept busy every moment....
 making the time go quickly.
One of the most fun parts is the bartering that goes on. People want a scarf and will exchange with you for a mug that they make, so not only do you sell stuff but go home with treasures from other artists. Next week is another sale with a whole new group of artists. I plan to go to that one (as a shopper) and hope to see you there.

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