Monday, December 10, 2012

PTA Party

Our PTA Christmas party seems to get crazier every year. First on the agenda is the visiting while having orange blossoms and goodies just to get us in the party mode.
 Next comes Show and Tell. Leigh Anne who has moved to Florida came up for our party and has a lot to share like her Halloween costume this year.
 Simply called "Boo-Bees" Cute!
 More show and tell to come but for now, it's on to the food - as always, everything delicious.
 We always do the white elephant gift exchange; sometimes the gifts are good, sometimes not so good. In this case, you can't "judge a book by its cover".
 This was the first one picked.
 which turned out to be rulers put together in a quilt pattern.
 This cookie jar of a Boston Terrier had Linda's name on it, the owner of 4 Boston Terriers. How could we possibly take it from her (Did any of us really want to?)
 Gen hit the jackpot with the huge bag of goodies and I use the word jackpot loosely.
 Gollllllyyyyyy....remember these TP covers I think we probably had one in our house (or were envious of those who had.
 and this cute little fabric piece we all need as a reminder when the holidays are over.
 This was a huge black trash bag filled with fabric which I went home with after taking it from Linda.  When I wasn't looking, many of Gens wonderful treasures wound up in that bag. I was wondering why it was so heavy. These gals cannot be trusted!
More about the party and more show and tell to come, got to make scarves and start a stocking for my granddaughter - have a great day.

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