Saturday, March 9, 2013

Show and Tell

 I've been getting emails from students who took my workshops at Mid-Atlantic this year and last. I love this part of teaching.  I'm so excited to see their pieces and they're happy to share with you.
 Jeni DeRusha is working on this wonderful, very subtle piece.  I know I showed you some pics of Jeni's piece already but she has been editing and adding more. Above is the base which she added more design elements to.
 She also added more to the organza layer which looks great when placed on top of the base.

 Jeni also moved the tree to the organza layer so it would be more obvious.  I love this piece and can't wait to see it finished.
 Loy Holt was in my Shaded Florals workshop last year at Mid-Atlantic and came to visit me this year  at the conference. She had a wonderful surprise to share - her finished piece.  I think it's a beautiful piece and I was blown away by the amazing border.
Denise Rhea Carter is my "whale lover". She admits to having many things start out as one thing and winding up as a whale.  When her Sew Bee offers up a challenge involving trees, her's become "floating trees" in water........whales.  I think she did an amazing job on her quilt.  I love the use of tissue lame on both the top and bottom layers and the edges turned under with facings.  And Denise, I love whales too, especially after seeing them in Alaska last summer!
Way to go...Jeni, Loy and Denise!

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