Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Small Works - Applecake

I've been trying to finish up some smaller pieces I started way back when.  Some only need a binding or a label. It's a good feeling to see some instant gratification.
This piece is part of my small quilts series. I't's called "Applecake". There's a silk screen of a recipe for Applecake written in my grandmother's hand.  There are also drawings of a face my son did and a digital image printed on organza of a family member - so it was a toss up as far as picking a name.
I started with a piece of deconstructed screen printed fabric but it was a little subtle and I thought it needed more to liven it up. So I thought of running it through the printer using another image on top would help.  Next to faces, I love trees - so one of my favorite tree images was the first thing I reached for.
I also thought quilting around the tree with gold thread would sparkle it up a bit.
The picture of some ancestor (don't know who...but love the dress and hat) was printed on organza and used as an overlay.
And some writing from my grandmother's cookbook - I use this screen a lot.
Mylar threads which are the flat shiny threads can be wicked to use, but when they work, they work like a charm and add so much.
I also used a silver mylar to quilt the circles in the fabric above.
A fun little piece and best of's done!

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