Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our 5th Annual PTA Retreat

I was away this week at our annual PTA retreat - 5 years and going strong.  It was even more fun than last year if that's possible. We arrived around 9:30 on tuesday morning and set up our stations.
 Some of us like to do the same thing so we decide on a quilt, all contribute fabric and pre-cut pieces.
 We also have a snack table with "healthy snacks"  ( - :  Right.....!
 Back at the house for happy hour, we forgot our glass markers so got very creative with ways to identify our glass.
 A carrot secured with a rubber band wins my vote for most creative!
 Our wonderful Mary Berry couldn't join us this year so every chance to toast her with champagne, we did!  We missed you Mary!
 Back at the community room where we sew, eat, laugh and do all kinds of silly things, there actually were some wonderful quilts being made.  Barbara was working on a beautiful blue log cabin.
 Leigh Anne was working on a Kaleidoscope quilt - think she said it was to be Queen size - wow!
 Janice had a beautiful Christmas quilt in the works.
 And 4 of us - Mary, Kate, Gen and myself were making a black and white with bright squares "scrappy" quilt which we all finished!
 This was definitely a no-brainer which you want for retreat. You don't want to think too much or you'll miss all the fun going on.
And at long last, we said good-bye to an old friend - better known as the bird.  This ceramic bird has been part of this group forever. He finds his way into such places as our closets, suitcases and under pillows to name a few.  Those with the great fortune of getting him, embrace him with a groan and half smile. It becomes their job to re-locate him without anyone being the wiser, so we felt it was time he retired.  We found a good home for him in a basket in the living room of our retreat house....Bet your bottom dollar, he'll be there next year when we return.
It was the greatest of fun with the nicest of people - as always

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