Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fiber Junkies at Play Pt. 2

The results are in from our play day with indigo and we all passed with flying colors. 
Using rusted fabrics with Indigo was a great idea. The one above was clamped with a square shaped resist; it might have been the old plastic slides. The one in the middle was dyed over a lightly colored fabric.
The piece in the middle is one of my favorites - think it belongs to Mary; she dyed over a deconstructed piece of fabric which needed some zing. I love the way it turned out.
This next piece was originally an old bed sheet dyed a bright orange-yellow and then wrapped on a pole and dipped in indigo. I love the results - dark on the right fading to almost nothing on the left. I will be anxious to see what is done with this.
To get a lighter value of indigo, fabric needs to be dipped for about 3 seconds.  We all thought it a good idea to have some lighter values to work with. The above piece was left in for 10 mins which created the dark lines.  There was too much white when all was said and done so back into the pot it went for 3 seconds to add more color to the white. One of the neat things about indigo - you can dip and re-dip.
This piece made by Kate was amazing; it was already hand stitched when she got here.  I imagine it took a lot of time to stitch and then to remove the stitching afterwards but worth the effort.
Kate also brought some vintage clothing to experiment with. This bodice and the piece to the left had some pretty lace on it all of which dyed well.  Kate gave the bodice to me and I'm anxious to take it apart to see how the darts and other stitched areas served as resists.
Val had a big piece of yellow-white silk which she over-dyed with indigo.  It came out beautiful.
and a view from my deck - they all looked so luscious. Even more to come.

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  1. Aren't we clever.....thank to your help!!!! I can't wait to do this again....