Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Postcard

Another small piece recently finished is The Postcard. It will be going in the Galleribba Gallery - see the link on the left to get to this gallery of artists featuring small wall art. 
 I used lots of  leftovers which is always fun - feel like I'm making a dent in my stash although with pieces this small it's not even a drop in the bucket. I had some deconstructive screen printed fabric to start with which had somehow picked up a faint bit of yellow along the way.
 So I though I would mix in yellow as an accent
 and combine it with some mushroom printed fabric - also a leftover. The yellow was stamped or screened with writing to give it some texture.
 I found an old piece of blue and white Shibori fabric and screened it with an image of an old postcard addressed to my grandmother - Cornelia Adams. The postcard is close to 100 years old, so it's a real treasure which I love to use.
And The Postcard - look for it on the Galleribba website.
Til next time.


  1. Wonderful! I love that you used a special to you postcard in this piece!

  2. Hi, Judy. What a beautiful way to commemorate family memorabilia. The blues in this piece are so lovely and the fabric designs are very interesting.
    best, nadia

  3. Thank you both, I was lucky to have a family of savers and I'm able to make silk screens out of all these old documents. They are fun to use.