Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some Beautiful Lima Beans

So you're probably thinking ... this is a post about my garden or a good recipe but not so  (-:  - it's my latest results using Indigo and one of the things I used - lima beans...more to follow on that. It's been a rainy week and hard to find the moments to dye the prepared fabric from last week; but with the sun peeking in and out yesterday, I managed to dip and dye and hang on the line.  It did rain before they were dry so they got a good rinsing. 
 I liked the crepe de Chine scarf and the way it took the dye. I was even thinking of rusting over some of the white areas; it might be an interesting combination.
 I had taken a piece of silk organza, machined rows of stitching and then gathered it up tightly. It wasn't very successful as far as getting some white lines - barely noticeable.  I think if I used a heavier fabric, it would have been more effective.
 This PFD mercerized cotton fabric resisted with large washers had great indigo color in the areas with the most exposure.

 And another piece of mercerized cotton resisted with triangular shaped pieces of plexiglass.
 This tone on tone vintage napkin was dyed using no resists - not as much fun to do but good to have some solids on hand.
 This was a piece of deconstructive screen printed fabric that I wasn't thrilled with; I used pieces of plexiglass to get the effect and think I like it better.
 And another piece of deconstructive screenprinted fabric. I liked it better before.
 This outlet cover was done on mercerized cotton - very deep color in the outside areas.
 This was tedious to prepare time wise but I'm happy with the results. This is crepe de Chine resisted with wood screws. The small blue circle in the center is the head of the wood screw.
 I think this is my favorite -  a piece of rayon resisted with corks. The color is very intense and the skinny white lines are from the gimp cord wrapping around each cork.  Another plus, you have to drink the wine in order to get the corks. ( - :
 And the lima bean fabric. It would have been great except I left the fabric soaking too long.  The fabric should be soaked in water around 30 minutes before dipping in the dye. But, I forgot and left it overnight and then it rained the next day, postponing my dye day so all it all, the lima beans were in water a very long time.
 Since they were wrapped in a vintage napkin which wasn't a tight weave and older fibers, they pushed their way out as they swelled up.  So my lovely fabric has a hole in the center of each "flower".
But the lima beans, are they ever pretty....enough so that when they dry, I'm going to spray shellac them and display them in a dish so all was not lost. Til next time....A Happy 4th to you all.


  1. The lima beans are fabulous! So is your fabric of course, I love all the different pattern and texture, but so fun that the beans dyed too!

  2. Your fabrics are so lovely. Really cool resist techniques! I loved the silk organza- and I did like the stitching lines, though they were faint. And- I laughed out loud at the lima beans! But you re right- they are pretty!

  3. Ooooo, your lima beans are beautiful and so are all your fabrics. The name of your blog reminds me of my niece. Her maiden name is Wendy Hill.

  4. like everyone else I love the beans. You would never have been able to paint them like that!!

    Should be able to do something with them
    LeeAnna Paylor

  5. I have some fabric with kidney beans wrapped and ready for my next indigo bath, now I wish I had used limas! The fabrics are great but I really like the beans.

  6. Your indigo fabrics are gorgeous!