Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

On our recent trip to New York, one of the things we were determined to revisit was the place where we had our wedding reception.  Back then, it was a restaurant and wasn't sure if it would still be open; it was and is now just catering except for every wednesday in July and August when they open to the public for a buffet.
 We made reservations and were looking forward to having dinner but even more so, a trip down memory lane. Except for the sign, everything had changed, totally renovated.
 I remember it was on the water and had a pretty gazebo.
 The gardens were beautiful....
 and of course we had our picture taken in the gazebo.
 The buffet was an all you can eat - LOBSTER. It was Incredible....can you believe this? Piles and piles kept appearing all night.
 We took a walk down near the pier. I remember way back when, they had a boat that took the newly married couple away. I don't think we did that although at the time, it sounded like great fun.  Now I can't imagine climbing into a boat in heels and a gown.
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