Saturday, August 3, 2013


I recently posted this quilt - "River's Edge"on my blog; - most of the fabric was made using the deconstructive screen printing technique. 
 I really liked the fabric and had little bits and pieces left over. It's a difficult fabric to use with other fabrics so I decided to make some smaller pieces.
 This piece was made for the Galleribba online gallery for small wall art. Quilts have to be 12" or less on all sides. "River Rocks" has only 3 pieces but I was happy to use them up.  The "rocks" in the one piece keep the ongoing theme.
And after all was said and done, there were still more leftovers so I made this very small piece - 8" x 10" and matted it making it an 11 x 14. I have a small series of works done in this format.
I have a few threads left....wonder what I can do with those  (-:
I'm leaving for New York tomorrow for my husband's high school reunion. We will also get to Ground Zero and a visit with my 2 best buddies from 5th grade...great fun.
Until next time.

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