Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Results!

To continue from yesterday, we batched our fabrics overnight - outside where daytime temperatures were in the 90s and not much lower for nighttime. Were we surprised to find ice crystals on top the next morning when opening the bucket.
The bucket was used to layer the fabrics which went deeper but to have ice the next day was such a surprise.
Kate does a lot of landscape, seascape quilts and uses blues and greens often. She chose a beautiful palette for her fabric.  The middle piece (on top) was the fabric she put under the rack to catch the drippings - no ice was used.  We all loved it and were pleasantly surprised with the results.
Kates "clean-up" rag was on the end - right and that too turned out great - so smart to use a big piece as a clean-up.
These were mine, wish I had written down the colors but know I worked with plums and purples and blue - not my favorite palette but thought they would melt well together.  The far right was the 4th piece we laid on top and I added some green.
These were Mary's and she was adventurous to try fabrics other than white and cotton. I loved the one on the left but she decided to fill in the negative space and over-dye it in the next batch.
The piece on the right is a wool which Mary loves to work with and it's easy to bead. The one in the middle is a yellow print that Mary wound up over-dyeing with great results.
This is the results of our confetti pot where we used a pail and each of us had a layer....I was the middle and the colors very intense The right was the bottom and the left is light and also a wool or wool blend so that might have some bearing on why it's lighter than the others.  But it's subtle and I can see some beautiful bead work on top which I'm sure is going to happen.
It amazes me how different they all are, using the same color dye.
That night we ironed the fabric - and what a difference it makes.  I took more pictures when I got home and could put them on my design wall.
I love the crystal like effect that comes with this technique...will be doing this again.
Our evening treat was to go down by the ocean and walk along the beach...
What a way to end the day...
Perfect day, great results, lots of laughs and bubbly.
Stay tuned for more on our Shibori adventure...


  1. It's Mary here.....just a slight correction for your readers....the 6th picture you showed indicates my wool was in the middle....actually it's the piece on the right. The one in the middle was a yellow and white star print. I ended up overdyeing that one too!!

  2. This is soooo addictive! I have been doing this ice (resist) dyeing for a few weeks now and my blog is filled with my results (Quilterb-bethsblog). Yours is one of my featured blogs. Loved your results!! Now let's see if you can stop! I can't and I heading to NC home in just a couple of weeks!

  3. Great colors...especially the purple and blues!!!

  4. Thanks Robbie, I usually don't work in those colors, but I was pleased with the way they turned's very addictive.